A game-changing Web Chat system, designed around Support and Service.

Scalable and intelligent in design, ConnectNow Web Chat System provides a growing list of high-impact features, adding considerable value to any Customer Support Service operation. Take a look below and find out more.

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We Are Open for Business

We want to assure all our customers and partners that the entire ConnectNow team is working from their home offices so that we can safely continue to support you without interruptions.  Now, perhaps more than ever, we are here to make sure that organisations can provide quality support for their customers, clients, patients, and employees.

Web Chat System Designed with Everyone in Mind


Being the core focus of ConnectNow Web Chat System, customers enjoy a journey designed to remove the pain-points associated with \”calling support\” and incentivize self-help. With assistances in place before a chat even begins, customers are cared for every step of the way.


Agents have the toughest job, of that most will agree. From canned responses within chats, to live performance indicators, ConnectNow is packed with features designed specifically to ease the Customer Support agent\’s task and improve their performance. 


Web chat system administrators have a bird\’s eye view and complete control of the operation, allowing them to react to sudden influxes of chats or changes to the service. Adding support agents, skillsets, scheduling alerts and downtime, and altering key settings are all at an admin\’s fingertips.

Business - Startup, SME, Enterprise

With intelligent features such as the pre-step wizard and knowledge search, combined with comprehensive data and KPIs ripe for analysis, any organisation – big or small – can enjoy improved problem management, reduced people-driven contacts, and increased productivity.


2 Way Data

Value-adding data can be pulled from ConnectNow\’s API for actionable analytics, or simply display elsewhere across your organisation. Great examples include trend analysis and problem management, as well as showing wait times and alerts on the on your page, before a customer even hits ConnectNow.

3rd Party Integration

ConnectNow can integrate with various ITSM tools out of the box, logging tickets and reducing the manual work required for an agent. However, ConnectNow can be extended to support your bespoke system and workflows.

More Integration
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Reduce Manned Interactions with Intelligent Self-Help

Keyword Knowledge Search

ConnectNow intelligently searches either Google, or your own knowledgebase. Links to potentially relevant pages are displayed as the customer types. Successful signposting prevents an interaction with an agent and helps drive down incoming volumes.

PreStep Wizard

Promote self-help and provide walk-throughs for common tasks and queries with a bespoke guided wizard, assisting customers before they\’ve hit the queue.

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