The COVID-19 outbreak is forcing us all to adapt to new ways of working, and work needs to continue both to ensure that people are provided for and that critical services are supplied. 

To help in supporting the fight against COVID-19, we at ConnectNow are offering free use of our flagship ConnectNow(R) product to any organisations involved in alleviating the impacts that this pandemic is bringing.

ConnectNow is a game-changing, web-based chat system specifically designed to significantly improve the support you’re able to give to your patients, customers, client, or users.

Both the help-agents and the end-users can be based anywhere where the Web can be accessed (at home; from an office; even from overseas), and users’ requests are intelligently routed to the most appropriate help-agents, based on the specific needs of that user.

Why not join the NHS trusts, Managed Service Providers, and other organisations of all sizes who are already successfully improving the support they offer through using ConnectNow.